Sour Patch

Last year a wonderful friend and I made matching Sour Patch tops of our daughters. Despite the miles, we managed to get them wearing them together when I visited Columbia. And even though it had been a year since we had seen each other, things just clicked back. It was a wonderful week, and this top has always reminded me of those happy times, as well as my friends in Tallahassee.


This year, I was very sad to find that the dress only just barely fit as a shirt due to unexpectedly large growth spurts over the winter. I continued to pull it out of the dresser because she loved the colors, and I loved everything it represented, even as it got shorter and shorter. Then as a complete surprise, this showed up in the mail!


My truly amazing friend sent me yarn to make the next size up! And a bag of big sour patch kids because we were knitting a bigger sour patch for our kids. It could not come at a better time, or have made me feel anymore loved


I cast on immediately, and finally finished just last week. She loves it, and I have a whole new year to dwell on the happiness friendship brings. For it is with friends, even long distance friends that we see the measure of ourselves, or at least I do. I tend to struggle with self worth, but I see deep friendships crossing years and a thousand miles, and I know that I am doing something right.


I have yet to get a non blurry picture of her wearing it, but I’m ok with that. She spends her days twirling, running, moving, and living.


ravelry links for last year’s dress and this year’s dress.


On the Needles


I’ve been knitting away on my sour patch dress, I was hoping to finish it on the drive home from the beach, but fell asleep instead. Oh well. It will be done soon, and Little Miss will have plenty of time to wear it before the weather changes and I try and fight her into long sleeves. She is a warm blooded creature, but I am always cold, and convinced she must be too.


I make a mistake with my increases on my Blom shawl, and so it is in time out until I can take the time to find out where and if I can fudge it or need to rip it back.


I cast on a hat right before we left for the beach. I apparently deal with stress by starting new crafts. It’s theĀ Hermaness Worsted for Fringe’s hat along. I had a surprising amount of yarn left over from my In Stillness sweater, which I still need to blog about, and as I hadn’t ever done a knit along, and was loving all the pictures on instagram, this seemed like the logical choice.

Simple Things


Anne had said to Marilla once, “I believe the nicest and sweetest days are not those on which anything very splendid or wonderful or exciting happens but just those that bring simple little pleasures, following one another softly, like pearls slipping off a string.”
L.M. Montgomery

Both knitting and reading are some of my most treasured simple pleasures, and they combine to something even greater, keeping my hands and mind happily occupied. I’ve been reading along with Ginny’s Yarn Along for a while and now am happily joining.

I’m knitting along on my sourpatch dress, and the end is in sight.
I tend to do most of my for fun reading on my kindle because I don’t have to worry about having a free hand to hold the book or turn the pages, plus I can easily tuck it into my knitting bag and take it along. Right now I’m working my way through Robin Hobbs books, and I’m loving them.