Last of August


Miss Mess’s new favorite question is “is it a fall day yet?” We are ready now. She has her sweater, and a hat, my sweater is on the needles, as are a tot sized pair of mittens (complete with mitten strings because I wanted to learn to use my spool knitter.)


We are both dreaming of falling leave, picking apples, and pumpkin pie. She is talking about Halloween costumes and Thanksgiving with her cousins, and I am ready to be cozy in handknits.


But even as we look forward to the seasons changings, I’m trying to figure out where this big girl came from. We have her open house at preschool tomorrow, and I’m not sure how that’s possible. She is so ready though, and I am comforting myself with the thought that it’s still only two days a week, and only three hours at that. I’m hoping to use the time helping my mom out with her book keeping and knitting at the Panera just across the street (there’s not enough time to go home and back.) Wish us luck!


Special Delivery

The yarn first of my Christmas Knitting projects has come in!


Super simple, but I can’t wait. Shannon had loved Shaun the Sheep and Timmy Time for a while now, and when she saw a trailer for the movie at her grandparents’ house she about lost it. The next day, I saw this pattern and it went right into my knitting queue. Last Monday, the husbandman offered me a yarny bribe if I would go to the doctors office by myself (I like to have him there to help make sure I don’t miss directions or forget questions) It was far too good of an opportunity to miss.


So I went to my appointment and in the waiting room, bought two skeins of Quince and Co’s Chickadee. I’ve been wanting to try working with this yarn for the longest time. It showed up in my mailbox yesterday!

Of course I didn’t realize it was double knitting until after I had bought both the yarn and pattern, but it’s always a good to try new things, right? And it can’t be that hard, right? Please just tell me it’s so.

On the Needles


I’ve been knitting away on my sour patch dress, I was hoping to finish it on the drive home from the beach, but fell asleep instead. Oh well. It will be done soon, and Little Miss will have plenty of time to wear it before the weather changes and I try and fight her into long sleeves. She is a warm blooded creature, but I am always cold, and convinced she must be too.


I make a mistake with my increases on my Blom shawl, and so it is in time out until I can take the time to find out where and if I can fudge it or need to rip it back.


I cast on a hat right before we left for the beach. I apparently deal with stress by starting new crafts. It’s the Hermaness Worsted for Fringe’s hat along. I had a surprising amount of yarn left over from my In Stillness sweater, which I still need to blog about, and as I hadn’t ever done a knit along, and was loving all the pictures on instagram, this seemed like the logical choice.