Then Again, Maybe Not

So, I probably brought this on myself, mentioning how easy double knitting was. I’m normally not very bothered by mistakes in my knitting, but I had a bunch here, and the stark contrast between the yarns made them rather hard to hide.


So I took a deep breath and ripped it out to my second row. As I was picking up stitches back up, I realized I had picked up a stitch on my first row that was probably causing a lot of my troubles. So I watched a few more videos, including one on fixing mistakes in double knitting that would have been very helpful before i ripped out. I think I have a much better idea on how to read my knitting now, so that’s another benefit. I’m a process knitter anyways (instead lf a product knitter) so this really didn’t bother me too much.
Thirty minutes outside with yarn while Miss Mess played happily in the dirt really couldn’t be misspent truthfully. At least it not fabric, and can’t easily be redone without buying more.