Last of August


Miss Mess’s new favorite question is “is it a fall day yet?” We are ready now. She has her sweater, and a hat, my sweater is on the needles, as are a tot sized pair of mittens (complete with mitten strings because I wanted to learn to use my spool knitter.)


We are both dreaming of falling leave, picking apples, and pumpkin pie. She is talking about Halloween costumes and Thanksgiving with her cousins, and I am ready to be cozy in handknits.


But even as we look forward to the seasons changings, I’m trying to figure out where this big girl came from. We have her open house at preschool tomorrow, and I’m not sure how that’s possible. She is so ready though, and I am comforting myself with the thought that it’s still only two days a week, and only three hours at that. I’m hoping to use the time helping my mom out with her book keeping and knitting at the Panera just across the street (there’s not enough time to go home and back.) Wish us luck!


Yarn Along


Joining Ginny’s Yarn Along again.

Reading: I’m working on making Miss Mes some school clothes. She is starting two days a week preschool this year, and I’m bouncing between being terrified and thrilled. Sewing helps, and so I’m browsing through Wear Stitch Play and Weekend Sewing for ideas and patterns.

On the Kindle: I’ve fallen for K. M. Shea’s fairy tell rewrites, and her newest, Puss In Boots, is no different. Sweet and simple, but with fun twists, they are a quick but entertaining read. They are also in the Kindle Unlimited library, which is wonderful.

Knitting: I’m a little over halfway through with Miss Mess’s fall sweater, Bitty Birchbark and am loving both the pattern and the yarn. It will be very light weight as its knit loosely from a mostly cotton yarn, but will be great for the transitions of fall.

Listening: I’ve just found A Playful Days’s podcast and am working my way through the archives happily. With plenty of knitting and crafting chatter, making inspiration, and just life moments, they are hitting the spot of lightness I seem to be craving lately.

Yarn Along


I’m joining Ginny’s Yarnalong again, because knitting and books just make sense, and they make me happy. I’m rereading Harvesting Color now that things are blooming and I can play with dye. I’m learning so much. My parents gave me the book for Christmas, and I immediately read it cover to cover, but it was more as, oh this is interesting than something I could do myself. Now I’m harvesting every thing I can to see what color they make, and learning by doing as well as by studying.

I’m knitting away at Miss Mess’s bitty birchbark and now that I’ve gotten past the shoulder ribbing (which I think is such a cool detail) its even easier and become my walking knitting as I follow Miss Mess around outside. This is my second sweater by Alicia Plummer and I’m loving it just as much as my In Stillness. She creates patterns that are simple, wearable, but full of unexpected details that make them interesting.

And, as usual I have my notebook and a cup of tea close to hand.

What are you reading, or knitting, or both?