Drying Dye


My mom’s garden is exploding with marigolds lately, and I just don’t have the yarn available yet to take advantage of this abundance. So I’m experimenting with drying the flowers for later use. Most of the pictures I’ve seen online have used old screen doors or a dehydrator, and I don’t have either. Old school as it is, I simply strung these on a thread with a needle to hang and dry. I will let you know how it turns out.


Has anyone had any experience with drying dye flowers for later use?


A Creek Runs Through It



There is something magical about our big rock. It is not the first big rock, and isn’t even half the size of my grandparents big rock, but it is as crucial to our summer days as sunshine. No matter how hot it gets, down in the shade it is comfortable. Put even just your toes in, and everything is cool again.



Miss Mess digs and splashes and explores while I read or knit or both. The dogs cool their bellies and then nap on the banks.
Walking to the mailbox become a half mile journey as we side track across the bridge and through the woods. I’ve started packing snacks and a water bottle, knowing we will be down here at least an hour. But I get more steps in, and she wears thorough a small fraction of her boundless energy.


The running water, the singing birds, the chirpping tree frogs, even the toddler questions blend together to the most wonderful music, and my hands, heart, and mind are at peace.

Yarn Along

Joining Ginny’s yarn along again today.

When the knitting gets tough, I tend to stitch with well read books that don’t really need a lot of thought, even when I’m not knitting, because the knitting tends to stick in my mind. Timeline is one such classic.


Im working on a hat for Miss Mess, supposedly for Christmas, but I’m not sure I’m going to be able to wait that long. I’m pretty sure double knitting is magic, by the way. I was very dubious, but it’s not as hard as I thought it would be. I’m using Quince and Co’s Chickadee and love it, it’s soft and springy, but feels like it will be long wearing too.

Podcasts aren’t really apart of the yarn along, but they are mainly what I listen to while I knit or sew. I’m currently working through Jane Eyre with Craft Lit and really enjoying it.

Sour Patch

Last year a wonderful friend and I made matching Sour Patch tops of our daughters. Despite the miles, we managed to get them wearing them together when I visited Columbia. And even though it had been a year since we had seen each other, things just clicked back. It was a wonderful week, and this top has always reminded me of those happy times, as well as my friends in Tallahassee.


This year, I was very sad to find that the dress only just barely fit as a shirt due to unexpectedly large growth spurts over the winter. I continued to pull it out of the dresser because she loved the colors, and I loved everything it represented, even as it got shorter and shorter. Then as a complete surprise, this showed up in the mail!


My truly amazing friend sent me yarn to make the next size up! And a bag of big sour patch kids because we were knitting a bigger sour patch for our kids. It could not come at a better time, or have made me feel anymore loved


I cast on immediately, and finally finished just last week. She loves it, and I have a whole new year to dwell on the happiness friendship brings. For it is with friends, even long distance friends that we see the measure of ourselves, or at least I do. I tend to struggle with self worth, but I see deep friendships crossing years and a thousand miles, and I know that I am doing something right.


I have yet to get a non blurry picture of her wearing it, but I’m ok with that. She spends her days twirling, running, moving, and living.


ravelry links for last year’s dress and this year’s dress.

Special Delivery

The yarn first of my Christmas Knitting projects has come in!


Super simple, but I can’t wait. Shannon had loved Shaun the Sheep and Timmy Time for a while now, and when she saw a trailer for the movie at her grandparents’ house she about lost it. The next day, I saw this pattern and it went right into my knitting queue. Last Monday, the husbandman offered me a yarny bribe if I would go to the doctors office by myself (I like to have him there to help make sure I don’t miss directions or forget questions) It was far too good of an opportunity to miss.


So I went to my appointment and in the waiting room, bought two skeins of Quince and Co’s Chickadee. I’ve been wanting to try working with this yarn for the longest time. It showed up in my mailbox yesterday!

Of course I didn’t realize it was double knitting until after I had bought both the yarn and pattern, but it’s always a good to try new things, right? And it can’t be that hard, right? Please just tell me it’s so.

Knitting Help

Quick question to those who knit. What am I doing wrong? I have this giant stitch right before I purl after cabling. (Its a six stitch forward cable if that helps.) It’s not every cable, or even every row, but it’s bothering me none the less. I would love some advice.


For inquiring minds, its the Northward pattern by Tincan Knits for Miss Mess. She picked out this bright pink Ariana yarn at our local yarn shop, The Red Thread, and asked for a hat. How can I turn that down?



A small slice of our herd. Miss Mess walked by the field holding a basket (helping me look for dye plants) and everyone came running. These three are usually first in line for food. Hugo is in the lead, but probably looking for attention more than food, Lucy prefers goldfish if given a choice, and Charlotte is still not happy about being weaned. Charlotte and her twin Emily are our bottle fed babies and at 8 weeks are being cut back to just one bottle a day. Emily doesn’t seem to mind, but Charlotte is very outspoken about her displeasure.

Yarn Along


I’m joining Ginny’s Yarnalong again, because knitting and books just make sense, and they make me happy. I’m rereading Harvesting Color now that things are blooming and I can play with dye. I’m learning so much. My parents gave me the book for Christmas, and I immediately read it cover to cover, but it was more as, oh this is interesting than something I could do myself. Now I’m harvesting every thing I can to see what color they make, and learning by doing as well as by studying.

I’m knitting away at Miss Mess’s bitty birchbark and now that I’ve gotten past the shoulder ribbing (which I think is such a cool detail) its even easier and become my walking knitting as I follow Miss Mess around outside. This is my second sweater by Alicia Plummer and I’m loving it just as much as my In Stillness. She creates patterns that are simple, wearable, but full of unexpected details that make them interesting.

And, as usual I have my notebook and a cup of tea close to hand.

What are you reading, or knitting, or both?

On the Needles


I’ve been knitting away on my sour patch dress, I was hoping to finish it on the drive home from the beach, but fell asleep instead. Oh well. It will be done soon, and Little Miss will have plenty of time to wear it before the weather changes and I try and fight her into long sleeves. She is a warm blooded creature, but I am always cold, and convinced she must be too.


I make a mistake with my increases on my Blom shawl, and so it is in time out until I can take the time to find out where and if I can fudge it or need to rip it back.


I cast on a hat right before we left for the beach. I apparently deal with stress by starting new crafts. It’s theĀ Hermaness Worsted for Fringe’s hat along. I had a surprising amount of yarn left over from my In Stillness sweater, which I still need to blog about, and as I hadn’t ever done a knit along, and was loving all the pictures on instagram, this seemed like the logical choice.