Knitting Help

Quick question to those who knit. What am I doing wrong? I have this giant stitch right before I purl after cabling. (Its a six stitch forward cable if that helps.) It’s not every cable, or even every row, but it’s bothering me none the less. I would love some advice.


For inquiring minds, its the Northward pattern by Tincan Knits for Miss Mess. She picked out this bright pink Ariana yarn at our local yarn shop, The Red Thread, and asked for a hat. How can I turn that down?


3 thoughts on “Knitting Help

  1. My guess is that you are leaving too much slack in your stitches when you cross your cable. Try to give it a little extra tug to get it back to a regular size stitch when you cross. It has pretty far to stretch, so without a little extra coaxing it might just stay longer than you like.

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