Yarn Along


I’m joining Ginny’s Yarnalong again, because knitting and books just make sense, and they make me happy. I’m rereading Harvesting Color now that things are blooming and I can play with dye. I’m learning so much. My parents gave me the book for Christmas, and I immediately read it cover to cover, but it was more as, oh this is interesting than something I could do myself. Now I’m harvesting every thing I can to see what color they make, and learning by doing as well as by studying.

I’m knitting away at Miss Mess’s bitty birchbark and now that I’ve gotten past the shoulder ribbing (which I think is such a cool detail) its even easier and become my walking knitting as I follow Miss Mess around outside. This is my second sweater by Alicia Plummer and I’m loving it just as much as my In Stillness. She creates patterns that are simple, wearable, but full of unexpected details that make them interesting.

And, as usual I have my notebook and a cup of tea close to hand.

What are you reading, or knitting, or both?


10 thoughts on “Yarn Along

  1. That book sounds so interesting. It sounds such fun making your own natural dyes. I’m impressed you can walk and knit and keep little Miss Mess out of mischief!


    1. Well, out of mischief is relative 🙂 But I found that I was spending too much time with still hands so I decided to teach myself to knit without looking at my hands and a whole world opened up!


  2. I got that same book from the library this week. It makes me so happy!
    Where do you get your mordant from?
    I haven’t tried it yet. I feel like I need to know the names of all the plants I harvest. Should I just jump in with some of the mystery plants around my house?


    1. I use Alum as my mordant, and I found it in the spice section at the grocery store! Couldn’t be easier.
      Right now the only thing I’ve used are Black Eyed Susans and Marigolds. I’m drying them now to use later because I’ve run out of undyed yarn. I would totally start using the mystery plants though! It’s adventure.


      1. Awesome. I was thinking about drying some for winter dyeing. Do you need to do anything different when dyeing with dried flowers?
        Can you post pictures of how you are drying them?


      2. I honestly have no idea. I have them drying on a sheet of foam board I found in the back bedroom. A friend told me her kids dry flowers for dye at their Waldorf school. I’m just experimenting for now.


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